How to Take Care of Your Inground Swimming Pool

An inground swimming pool at home is a versatile amenity that provides fun, relaxation, and fitness opportunities for you, your family, and your friends. That being said, you should be well aware of some useful tips when it comes to taking care of your swimming pool.

During the spring and the summer, you should be keeping an eye out for specific aspects of your pool such as its cleanliness. Since the pool is being used often during these times, you should continuously monitor the water’s chlorine levels and get rid of unwanted debris such as leaves and branches. It also helps to turn on your swimming pool’s filtration system during periods of heavy use; this greatly aids in eliminating water-borne pollutants such as algae and biofilm buildup, as well as keeping the water safe for bathers. Continue reading


Have Fun in Your Pool with These Fun Games

A swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to have a ready-made venue for fun activities with your family. However, paddling around in the water and doing laps is eventually going to get old. If you want to have more fun in your pool, here’s a few games to brighten up your family’s day.

  • Marco Polo. The classic pool version of Blind Man’s Bluff, and the rules are pretty simple. Requiring at least two players, the person who is designated as “Marco” closes his eyes and shouts “Marco!” while everyone shouts “Polo!” The Marco then uses the shouts to pinpoint where people are and then he tries to tag someone. If someone is tagged, they become the next “Marco.”

  • Shark Attack. This game requires several players. The oldest player is the shark, and the remaining players are divers. The divers then jump in one edge of the pool and try to get to the other end without being tagged. Everyone who gets tagged has to leave the pool until the next round. If any divers reach the end, they get the reward of daring the shark to do something embarrassing.

  • Dive for Treasure. Buy some goggles for your kids and play this great diving game. Get a handful of pennies and throw them into the pool and challenge the kids to get as much pennies they can find. If you want some more fun and make the dive more challenging, you could buy dive rings and dive sticks.

Invest in a Swimming Pool and Enjoy These Benefits

When you’re deciding on what improvement to add to your New Jersey home, why not consider an inground swimming pool? A spacious enough backyard should provide adequate space for an installation of a reasonably sized pool. Plus, it provides several benefits.

First of all, the main benefit of having a swimming pool is that you can swim on a regular basis. The health benefits of this are enormous. The fat-burning properties of a daily swim are just the beginning. Swimming is an excellent low-impact, whole body exercise that anyone can do. The high resistance that the water presents challenges your body’s muscles and cardiovascular system; this greatly increases a person’s strength and stamina, a definite health benefit.

Improving your body isn’t just the only thing you can get out of having a pool installed at home. A swimming pool is a great tool in getting socially acquainted with people. Invite your neighbors and co-workers to a pool party. The summer months will also be a lot more comfortable if you can easily take a dip when needed.

Financially, a swimming pool can be an excellent investment. Installing the pool will require a bit of landscaping, too, to fit the pool well into your backyard. This can turn your ordinary backyard into something more aesthetically pleasing—a great way to add value to your property. Additionally, a pool can be an attractive factor for a buyer to choose your house when it comes time to sell.