Now’s the Time to Shop for NJ Pools, and Here’s Why—Swimming Benefits

If you aren’t comfortable with your kids swimming in public pools, you can always have one constructed in your backyard. You can enjoy the health benefits of swimming as well as invite family or friends for a pool party, and maybe turn it into a regular affair. There are a lot of pool designs to choose from, and you can even pick the material your pool will be made of. Consider your personal preferences and needs while browsing your choices for new NJ pools from leading pool builders like Tranquility Pools, Inc. that offer an assortment of in ground swimming pool options.

In her article, Becky Flanigan stated how she felt really wonderful after her swimming workout session. You can also feel her relief after a good swim at the comfort of your own home, which you can also turn into a family bonding activity. Not only will you end up strong and healthy, your home will become even more appealing and valuable with a stylish NJ inground pool.


Best Pool Trends of 2014

The year might have come and gone, but 2014 saw several changes in the pool design game, with some utilizing the latest technology to make their swimming pools automated. Other designs even saw the marriage of two seemingly uncooperative elements into one gorgeous outdoor swimming pool.

When it comes to materials, pebble and glass finish still remain the top two choices for swimming pools. Pebble finish, with a mixture of pebbles and quartz blends, is perfect for those who want to bring a piece of nature in their homes. Glass finish, meanwhile, is great if you want to have a more resort-esque feel and would rather view it as an artwork than an outdoor commodity. Continue reading

Designed For More than Pleasure: NJ Swimming Pools for your Home

Professional NJ swimming pool design by reputable companies, such as Tranquility Pools, Inc. can help design a pool that fits your lifestyle, from naturalistic to modern or kid-friendly. Space, budget, and your ability to maintain it will also determine your choice. Here are a few things to consider.

First, the pool’s location is an important consideration. For example, try to avoid building a pool in a windy location where water from the pool can evaporate a lot faster. Moreover, too much wind can make you chilly and uncomfortable while swimming. Avoid low lying areas where rainwater can flow right into your pool and pollute it with mud and debris.

NJ Pool Construction Pointers: Important Factors You Need to Consider

Special features like an added spa or a slide can increase the final price. An expert NJ pool construction service provider from established companies like Tranquility Pools, Inc. would be able to estimate how much your budget should be for the project.

After you’ve decided on the features and the budget for your pool, you need to familiarize yourself with the local codes and building regulations in your area. Although your trusted pool builder can take care of this aspect of the construction (i.e. getting the necessary permits, ensuring that building codes are followed, etc.), it still wouldn’t hurt for you to make sure that your pool meets standard requirements.

Healthy Swim: NJ Pools Help Homeowners Get Fit in Their Own Backyard

The natural properties of water are just the beginning. Swimming itself is a perfect whole-body fitness routine; your arms and legs are exercised by propelling you through the water, and your cardiovascular system works overtime to fuel your muscles while providing you with oxygen to breathe. This effort alone burns a whole lot of calories. It’s been estimated that a person weighing 205 pounds can burn around 931 calories when swimming vigorously for an hour. Imagine doing that daily, combined with a balanced diet, and you’ll be able to reach your ideal weight and lean body in no time.

However, swimming isn’t the only fitness routine you can do in your pool. For those who aren’t ready for the physical rigors of swimming, water walking or jogging can be a more comfortable alternative. All it requires is that you get a flotation device like a vest or a pool noodle.

Making a Country Club-like Pool Landscape

Swimming pools look best with a gorgeous landscaping in its surroundings. Great landscapes are commonly seen in golf courses and ballroom houses. However, in many homes, landscaping around a swimming pool is also possible, especially with the help of an experienced pool building company. A homeowner who wants to add a swimming pool and a beautiful landscaping in his or her property must consider several aspects.

To ensure the best results, homeowners must work closely with pool design professionals. Such specialists can help property owners express their preferences through the selection of trees and other flora that will be planted in the area. Continue reading

Lighting Installation for Pools

Pool construction involves different types of work, including excavation, installation, and landscaping. During the installation process, you will have to decide which type of lighting to install. This is crucial because it will reveal the beauty and improve the safety of your pool at night. For the most part, the bottom line is to choose between LED and fiber optic lights.

While the choice would still be based on your preferences at the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with professionals. The most credible sources are those that possess the expertise not only to build backyard swimming pools, but also to install luxury pools and spas in every shape and design. Their experience allows them which swimming pools serve particular purposes, and which specific lighting fixtures are most appropriate for each. Continue reading