Reasons to Try Water-Based Workouts

If you’ve been putting off working out in the pool mainly because you think it’s only for the “oldies”, think again. Several studies have actually shown that water-based exercises are appropriate for everyone, and here are a few reasons to convince you to give these a try.

One size fits all” approach – Virtually anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can perform water-based exercises. The benefits are doubled if you’re working with an instructor—the latter will suggest the necessary modifications to either increase or decrease the intensity of the workouts in order to better fit your capabilities. Continue reading


How to Take Care of Your Inground Swimming Pool

An inground swimming pool at home is a versatile amenity that provides fun, relaxation, and fitness opportunities for you, your family, and your friends. That being said, you should be well aware of some useful tips when it comes to taking care of your swimming pool.

During the spring and the summer, you should be keeping an eye out for specific aspects of your pool such as its cleanliness. Since the pool is being used often during these times, you should continuously monitor the water’s chlorine levels and get rid of unwanted debris such as leaves and branches. It also helps to turn on your swimming pool’s filtration system during periods of heavy use; this greatly aids in eliminating water-borne pollutants such as algae and biofilm buildup, as well as keeping the water safe for bathers. Continue reading

Installing Inground Pools: What You Should Know

If you’re the type who revels in inviting various guests to your house for celebrations and other social gatherings, having a pool installed in your home opens up a myriad of possible party ideas. But before you start digging ditches in your backyard, it pays to know about a couple of things when it comes to swimming pools. Continue reading

3 Ways to Make Your Pool More Pet-Friendly

Safety should always be a priority when you have a companion animal at home. No matter how trained or naturally intelligent your furry friends are, you still need to take precautions to keep them safe.

Pet safety can be challenging when you have a pool, but there are ways you can make the area more pet-friendly. Here are three ideas:

Add safety fences or pool covers.

Keep your pooch, kitty, or any other critter out of the water by installing fencing around the pool or a solid pool cover (they can get trapped under net or fabric varieties). If metal bars or wooden planks don’t fit your design aesthetic, use invisible glass fencing instead. Make sure that these safety installations are truly secure and cannot be easily tampered with. Continue reading

Tips when Refurbishing a Backyard for Seniors

Everybody has a dream retirement, one where they live in a place they can truly call home and enjoy during their golden years. You (or your senior parents and relatives) may want a place to unwind every day or pursue hobbies like gardening and healthy activities like yoga, swimming, and water aerobics.

If you will be refurbishing your backyard to fulfill that dream in part, you have a lot of considerations to make beyond their wants. From ensuring safety to enhancing the lifestyle quality, you have to be smart and strategic in any renovation, addition, or decoration you make. Continue reading

Best Pool Trends of 2014

The year might have come and gone, but 2014 saw several changes in the pool design game, with some utilizing the latest technology to make their swimming pools automated. Other designs even saw the marriage of two seemingly uncooperative elements into one gorgeous outdoor swimming pool.

When it comes to materials, pebble and glass finish still remain the top two choices for swimming pools. Pebble finish, with a mixture of pebbles and quartz blends, is perfect for those who want to bring a piece of nature in their homes. Glass finish, meanwhile, is great if you want to have a more resort-esque feel and would rather view it as an artwork than an outdoor commodity. Continue reading

Making a Country Club-like Pool Landscape

Swimming pools look best with a gorgeous landscaping in its surroundings. Great landscapes are commonly seen in golf courses and ballroom houses. However, in many homes, landscaping around a swimming pool is also possible, especially with the help of an experienced pool building company. A homeowner who wants to add a swimming pool and a beautiful landscaping in his or her property must consider several aspects.

To ensure the best results, homeowners must work closely with pool design professionals. Such specialists can help property owners express their preferences through the selection of trees and other flora that will be planted in the area. Continue reading