Reasons to Try Water-Based Workouts

If you’ve been putting off working out in the pool mainly because you think it’s only for the “oldies”, think again. Several studies have actually shown that water-based exercises are appropriate for everyone, and here are a few reasons to convince you to give these a try.

One size fits all” approach – Virtually anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can perform water-based exercises. The benefits are doubled if you’re working with an instructor—the latter will suggest the necessary modifications to either increase or decrease the intensity of the workouts in order to better fit your capabilities.

Low-impact – Unlike ground-based exercises like weight training which rely entirely on gravity, water-based workouts offer the same level of intensity albeit at much less physical strain. When doing conventional workouts, you’re at greater risk of injuring yourself. Not on the water, which can support a lot of weight.

Endless options – You can find plenty of instructional videos (or instructors themselves) which can teach a diverse selection of water-based exercises, from water running to aqua yoga or tai-chi. In other words, if you find that a certain exercise routine is inappropriate for your needs, you can find something that best suits you.

True full-body workout – Working out on water not only benefits the muscular, skeletal, and cardiovascular systems; it has also been proven that water-based exercises work wonders for you lymphatic system and other internal organs aside from the heart.


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