Reasons to Try Water-Based Workouts

If you’ve been putting off working out in the pool mainly because you think it’s only for the “oldies”, think again. Several studies have actually shown that water-based exercises are appropriate for everyone, and here are a few reasons to convince you to give these a try.

One size fits all” approach – Virtually anyone, regardless of age or fitness level, can perform water-based exercises. The benefits are doubled if you’re working with an instructor—the latter will suggest the necessary modifications to either increase or decrease the intensity of the workouts in order to better fit your capabilities. Continue reading


How to Take Care of Your Inground Swimming Pool

An inground swimming pool at home is a versatile amenity that provides fun, relaxation, and fitness opportunities for you, your family, and your friends. That being said, you should be well aware of some useful tips when it comes to taking care of your swimming pool.

During the spring and the summer, you should be keeping an eye out for specific aspects of your pool such as its cleanliness. Since the pool is being used often during these times, you should continuously monitor the water’s chlorine levels and get rid of unwanted debris such as leaves and branches. It also helps to turn on your swimming pool’s filtration system during periods of heavy use; this greatly aids in eliminating water-borne pollutants such as algae and biofilm buildup, as well as keeping the water safe for bathers. Continue reading