3 Ways to Make Your Pool More Pet-Friendly

Safety should always be a priority when you have a companion animal at home. No matter how trained or naturally intelligent your furry friends are, you still need to take precautions to keep them safe.

Pet safety can be challenging when you have a pool, but there are ways you can make the area more pet-friendly. Here are three ideas:

Add safety fences or pool covers.

Keep your pooch, kitty, or any other critter out of the water by installing fencing around the pool or a solid pool cover (they can get trapped under net or fabric varieties). If metal bars or wooden planks don’t fit your design aesthetic, use invisible glass fencing instead. Make sure that these safety installations are truly secure and cannot be easily tampered with.

Build a beach-style entry, a ramp, or easy-access steps.

Make it easier for your pet to get out of the water through entryways or exits that they can easily find and use when they accidentally fall into the pool. They won’t instinctively know that these exist, so guide your pet toward these access points when you’re training them to swim.

Consider your pet’s behaviors, and supervise as necessary.

Since some pets may need closer supervision than others, be sensitive to the individuality and needs of your furry friends. If they are older, you might need to constantly guide them when swimming because of possible conditions that would make it difficult for them to swim efficiently, such as arthritis or eye problems.


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