Tips when Refurbishing a Backyard for Seniors

Everybody has a dream retirement, one where they live in a place they can truly call home and enjoy during their golden years. You (or your senior parents and relatives) may want a place to unwind every day or pursue hobbies like gardening and healthy activities like yoga, swimming, and water aerobics.

If you will be refurbishing your backyard to fulfill that dream in part, you have a lot of considerations to make beyond their wants. From ensuring safety to enhancing the lifestyle quality, you have to be smart and strategic in any renovation, addition, or decoration you make.

Get a grip (on virtually everything).

Falls are the most common injuries among the elderly, so you have to make sure that the backyard and its features help in preventing such grave incidents. Make sure that the deck has sturdy rails, and install rubberized safety handrails (not bare metal, as the material will scorch skin during hot days) on the pool. Additionally, make sure that deck floors, pool surfaces, and other walkways are abrasive and free from broken tiles and other obstacles to prevent slips and trips.

Light it up.

Artificial lighting is important, especially for seniors who have eye problems. Whenever they access the backyard at night time, they should easily be able to access switches, and the lights should be placed on their paths, the pool, and any other area that may have objects they can stumble into or trip on.


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