Best Pool Trends of 2014

The year might have come and gone, but 2014 saw several changes in the pool design game, with some utilizing the latest technology to make their swimming pools automated. Other designs even saw the marriage of two seemingly uncooperative elements into one gorgeous outdoor swimming pool.

When it comes to materials, pebble and glass finish still remain the top two choices for swimming pools. Pebble finish, with a mixture of pebbles and quartz blends, is perfect for those who want to bring a piece of nature in their homes. Glass finish, meanwhile, is great if you want to have a more resort-esque feel and would rather view it as an artwork than an outdoor commodity.

Mobile apps that let you control the conditions of your swimming pool from anywhere also increased in popularity, perfect for those who want to have an immediate relief from stress through a peaceful lap on the pool. LED lights also became a hit among homes, being particularly effective in setting the mood for various events such as romantic outdoor dinners.

One trend that made a significant impact on swimming pool design ideas is the combination of fire and water, made possible with the addition of a fireplace near the pool. This makes for a cozy night swim, with the hues from the flames perfectly complementing the cool colors of the water.


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