Choosing between Above-Ground and Inground Pools

One way to improve the value of a home is to install a swimming pool. This is also a good way to improve the entertaining features of a property. However, before homeowners start calling a contractor and digging ditches in their backyards, choosing a pool should come first.

They can choose inground and above ground pool. As the name suggests, inground pools are built in the ground. They are among the more popular options for pools as they often come with nice decks or patios and complementing landscapes.

An the other hand, above-ground pools do not require as much landscaping and are usually more economical. While most above-ground installations are more affordable than inground set-ups, however, inground pools add more value for property appraisals. In fact, above-ground pools can actually reduce the value of properties as there are many who find these an eyesore.

Also, while above-ground pools may provide the same utility that inground pools do, the aesthetics of the latter give them the definite edge: Inground pools look more natural and, when complemented with well-thought-out landscaping, can turn any home into an extraordinary one.

Additionally, inground pools are more durable and can better resist strong storms than above-ground installations. Both require basically the same degree of upkeep and care, but above-ground pools face a greater risk of damage because of their exposure. And while inground pools may need occasional fixes, a good maintenance routine can prevent the need for major repairs.


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