Know Your Soil Quality Before Building a Pool

When building a pool, one of the things you should consider is the quality of soil on your property. This will determine the suitability of the ground for pool construction; and would also be used in designing the pool to be built. 

Keep in mind that when the pool is built, the soil will exert its own force against it. Without the proper composition and setup, the pool wall may leak, crack, lift, or collapse. If the site is a bedrock, builders may need to break up the rock to provide a stable base. If the site is all-soil or part-soil, building a pool shouldn’t be much of a problem if the soil hasn’t been disturbed. Otherwise, builders will have to create what’s called an engineered fill, which is a wafer of geotextiles and polymer membranes, for structural support.

Expansive clay soil is another problem. This soil type can swell when there is too much moisture, or shrink when it is too dry. This could cause a concrete deck to heave, or rise. To maintain pool integrity, the clay soil is often pre-saturated, or subjected to ample amount of moisture so that it can resist future moisture absorption or loss, and the eventual swelling and shrinking.

Another problem, very common in the chilly north, is frost heave. This can happen when the temperature is consistently freezing, and the soil around the pool absorbs too much moisture. Builders must design the pool to have excellent drainage to avoid this from happening.


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