Tips on Conserving Water with Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are notorious for using so much water—needless to say, this can be bad for your water bill. Owners of pools in NJ can consider the following ideas on conserving water while having a great time around their pools.

Splash Trough

Not only can you create an infinity pool with it, a trough can catch splashes and drain them back to the pool. While traditional troughs are built outside and around the pool, some pool designs incorporate them into the pool wall itself. Make sure to also have a reliable drainage system to recirculate the water.

Pool Covers

Pool covers make a difference even during the worst dry spells. Not only can they keep your pool cool or warm, they can also reduce water loss. Pool covers are commonly made of vinyl, which can last longer under extreme conditions, and some pool covers have ultraviolet deflectors.


A number of NJ pool companies also offer landscaping services, and for good reason. The sun isn’t the only evaporative power in the scene. Wind can also dry out a pool just as a hairdryer would dry your wet hair. A good landscape design can include strategically placed plants to reduce water-evaporating wind.


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