Making a Country Club-like Pool Landscape

Swimming pools look best with a gorgeous landscaping in its surroundings. Great landscapes are commonly seen in golf courses and ballroom houses. However, in many homes, landscaping around a swimming pool is also possible, especially with the help of an experienced pool building company. A homeowner who wants to add a swimming pool and a beautiful landscaping in his or her property must consider several aspects.

To ensure the best results, homeowners must work closely with pool design professionals. Such specialists can help property owners express their preferences through the selection of trees and other flora that will be planted in the area. Continue reading


Lighting Installation for Pools

Pool construction involves different types of work, including excavation, installation, and landscaping. During the installation process, you will have to decide which type of lighting to install. This is crucial because it will reveal the beauty and improve the safety of your pool at night. For the most part, the bottom line is to choose between LED and fiber optic lights.

While the choice would still be based on your preferences at the end of the day, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with professionals. The most credible sources are those that possess the expertise not only to build backyard swimming pools, but also to install luxury pools and spas in every shape and design. Their experience allows them which swimming pools serve particular purposes, and which specific lighting fixtures are most appropriate for each. Continue reading

Choosing between Above-Ground and Inground Pools

One way to improve the value of a home is to install a swimming pool. This is also a good way to improve the entertaining features of a property. However, before homeowners start calling a contractor and digging ditches in their backyards, choosing a pool should come first.

They can choose inground and above ground pool. As the name suggests, inground pools are built in the ground. They are among the more popular options for pools as they often come with nice decks or patios and complementing landscapes. Continue reading

Have Beautiful Landscaping around Your Pool

Your pool is the centerpiece of your backyard, but this oasis of urban life may look lonely without proper landscaping around it. Pool owners who are satisfied with just their pool and ignore the surrounding area are missing out on the chance to create a more relaxing and soothing ambience in their premises.

As the Garden State, New Jersey boasts of lush flora and fauna, which give residents a respite from their busy and dynamic lifestyles. This is something that pool owners in the state may want to incorporate in their own homes through beautifully designed pool landscaping. Companies that provide excellent NJ swimming pool design and construction services, can do wonders in transforming a simple pool into one’s own paradise. Continue reading

Know Your Soil Quality Before Building a Pool

When building a pool, one of the things you should consider is the quality of soil on your property. This will determine the suitability of the ground for pool construction; and would also be used in designing the pool to be built. 

Keep in mind that when the pool is built, the soil will exert its own force against it. Without the proper composition and setup, the pool wall may leak, crack, lift, or collapse. If the site is a bedrock, builders may need to break up the rock to provide a stable base. If the site is all-soil or part-soil, building a pool shouldn’t be much of a problem if the soil hasn’t been disturbed. Otherwise, builders will have to create what’s called an engineered fill, which is a wafer of geotextiles and polymer membranes, for structural support. Continue reading

Tips on Conserving Water with Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are notorious for using so much water—needless to say, this can be bad for your water bill. Owners of pools in NJ can consider the following ideas on conserving water while having a great time around their pools.

Splash Trough

Not only can you create an infinity pool with it, a trough can catch splashes and drain them back to the pool. While traditional troughs are built outside and around the pool, some pool designs incorporate them into the pool wall itself. Make sure to also have a reliable drainage system to recirculate the water. Continue reading