Inspiring Outdoor Spa Ideas for Romance

Can’t get enough of your sweetheart? Planning to entertain a date in the comforts of your backyard? Raise the romance factor by having an outdoor spa built-into your concrete pool! If you already have one, you can have it refurbished or revamp your landscaping design to have an ideal spot for unique, lovely dates. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Soaking in Your Very Own Hot Spring

Have soothing or relaxing moments in a hot tub designed with stone finishing. Add mini waterfalls and other natural hardscape elements to complete the recreation of a hot spring.

Cuddling in a Rustic Setting

Try the chic, contemporary take on rustic designs by building a traditional Japanese hot tub made of Red Cedar wood or its alternatives. Complement your Zen spa experience with colorful flowers and ornamental foliage, which also improves privacy.

Getting Cozy with Cocktails

Share a few glasses of champagne, wine, or martini with a cocktail table or swim-up bar built into your spa. You can even have an outdoor kitchen and dining area constructed, so you can whip up some delicious meals to accompany your cocktails and spirits.

Fascinate with Fire

Set the mood with a stone hearth or a modern fire pit integrated into your landscape design. If that seems too high maintenance, find an electric-powered faux fireplace or use good old-fashioned scented candles instead.


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