Popular Swimming Pool Designs for Your Home

A swimming pool in one’s home opens the opportunity for some outdoor fun with friends and guests. Barbeque parties, birthday bashes, and other get-togethers can surely use a nice watering hole for added enjoyment. For those who want to spruce up their swimming pools, and make it party ready all year round, there are a variety of stylish and nifty swimming pool design ideas to consider.

Incorporating glass tiles has been gaining popularity in recent pool designs. Glass tiles are often used to enhance the visual appeal of swimming pools, such as in accenting the edges. Glass tiles are also less susceptible to cracking or breaks because of their sturdier makeup.

Geometric shapes also make good pool design choices. Their simplicity gives owners and pool designers a lot of space and leeway to integrate interesting add-ons, such as a patio that complements the backyard, or features like a waterfall or a rock formation.

Those who want to invest on pools for their health and wellness may prefer pools designed for taking laps and other water-related workouts. Exercise pools usually have built-in resistance jets; while lap pools are typically long and narrow. Experienced pool builders can recommend the dimensions that would work best on a property.


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