Three Reasons to Choose an Inground Pool

A pool allows you and your family countless hours of entertainment without having to leave home. In getting your own pool, you may need to make a choice between building an inground one, and buying a readily built above ground fixture. While both have their own merits, here are three reasons why an inground pool makes the better choice.

Highly customizable

Commercially available pools may not be spacious enough to fit those groups of ten that you would love to host for Sunday barbecues. On the other hand, you can have an indoor pool built at the size you want, provided you have ample outdoor space for it. You also have a say on the materials and design, and can ensure they go perfectly well with the design of your house.

Adds value to house

If you’re considering selling your house at some point, you can get better value from an inground pool. Buyers who are willing to shell out more for a swimming pool often prefer the inground type, as this is more permanent and longer lasting. Also, an inground pool is typically built from scratch by professional builders, giving it better perceived value than a commercially purchased above ground pool.

Lasts longer

Inground pools are permanent structures, and thus, can last a long time, with the right maintenance. Commercially purchased above ground pools can be vulnerable to strong storms, and are typically made of materials that are less durable than those used for inground pools.


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