Pool Shapes: Start with Rectangular Pools

If you’re the type who wants to keep a low profile, then unique pool designs may not be for you. However, pool designs aren’t just influenced by aesthetics; practical applications should also be considered. To get a good idea for a pool shape, start with the traditional rectangle. You can then add or modify some elements to come up with other shapes, including the following:

L-Shaped Pool

As the name implies, the L-shaped pool features two equal or unequal segments forming the letter L. Many go for this design when they want lounging and swimming areas in one pool. The segment closest to the access area can be a place to relax, while the longer segment would be ideal for lapping.

Oval Pool

Rectangular pools often require a large area, so they may not fit in every backyard. A good way to keep as much length as possible on a smaller lot is to trim its corners, forming an oval pool. Not only can this type of pool save space; it is also visually appealing due to its deviation from the traditional design.

Freeform Pool

As backyards grow tighter, the need to go beyond known pool designs becomes more pressing. Freeform pools don’t follow traditional shapes, allowing builders to place pools in the smallest of spaces without skimping on features.


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