Things to Discuss with Your Pool Contractor

When it comes to building a pool, you should carefully consider its design before your contractor starts the construction. Proper design helps assure that your pool is exactly how you want it and not cause you problems in the future. Here are a few elements that you have to remember as you discuss your plans with your pool contractor.

Method of construction – Contrary to what some people may believe, swimming pools aren’t the same all throughout. They are classified according to their methods of construction. There are three main types of swimming pools, namely the concrete pool, fiberglass pool, and vinyl pool.

Decking materials – There are numerous types of decking involved in custom pool design, and each material has its own perks. For instance, traditional poured concrete is often the cheapest and offers numerous design configurations like tinted, stamped, or exposed aggregate. Stone offers a wide range of options. Since decks are often much more used than the swimming pool itself, choosing the right decking material is crucial.

Maintenance – All pools are different, and each type has specific maintenance needs. For instance, using harsh cleansers won’t work on a fiberglass pool as the surface might get damaged. This can be avoided by using specially formulated cleaning solutions and softer-bristled brushes. On the other hand, swimming pools all share a common trait—they require care all year round, even during off-seasons.


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