How to Ensure Your Pool is Ready for Swimming

Summer’s here and you want to just jump into your newly made pool and enjoy the cool water. However, new pools need a bit of preparation before you dive in. Here’s what you need to do to ensure its safe to get into the water.

Remove the Cover and Clean Things Up

Swimming pool covers protect the water from getting polluted by debris and its chemical levels from being significantly affected by the elements, but as summer grows near, you’ll have to open it up again. Remove any leaves, twigs or other debris that might have collected before doing so, lest they end up in the water, anyway.

Shock the Water

Among the many chemical processes you need to do to make sure that your pool is safe for bathing in is to “shock” it. This basically means the amount of free-flowing chlorine is raised to ten times the amount of chloramines in the water, in effect oxidizing all organic matter in its path. Be sure to use an oxidizer that’s compatible with your pool’s filter system.

Keep the Water Level Up

You should make sure that your pool’s water level isn’t going below the recommended amount—if it does, be sure to fill it up. Before you do this, though, clean your filter first. Cartridge filters can be taken apart and washed before reinstalling, whereas sand filters should be set to backwash for cleaning.


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