The Advantages of Concrete Pools

When having a pool constructed, homeowners can go with any of three lining options: fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. The former two provide a quicker install and are generally less expensive than concrete. However, for the discerning pool owner, concrete has several advantages that other types of pool linings can’t provide.

Unlimited design flexibility is concrete’s first and biggest advantage over fiberglass or vinyl. Both fiberglass and vinyl are limited in size by manufacturing or delivery constraints, whereas concrete pools of immense size can be constructed so long as the budget accommodates it. Additionally, because concrete conforms to the shape of whatever mold it’s poured into, pools built using it can take on any shape the homeowner might want, no matter how complex.

Second, concrete pools, when well maintained, can last for several generations. While the tile or paint used to line the pool will need to be replaced, on average, every 13 years or so, the concrete shell itself can last almost indefinitely as long as a sump pump is installed to keep the pool from cracking due to underground pressures trying to push it out of the ground.

Finally, concrete pools, especially if built by a reputable pool builder, contribute more to the resale value of your home than fiberglass or vinyl pools do. Thus, they are often the better investment choice if you think you might decide to sell your home in the future.


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