Above-Ground and Inground Pools

There are two types of pools in use today: above-ground and inground pools. It’s not so difficult to tell the difference. An above-ground pool has a wall keeping the water in, while an inground pool sits at ground level. Much like comparable everyday items, the pools come with their own pros and cons.


In terms of cost, the above-ground pool is less expensive because there’s hardly any digging involved, which makes it ideal for homeowners who are in a hurry to have a pool built. Dismantling is also easy because the components are above the ground. Some extra muscle can be enlisted to take the pool apart.


However, experts say the above-ground pool is more vulnerable to breakage, especially with assembly kits that cost less than $100. Furthermore, an above-ground pool is not feasible for large parties due to its relatively small size. You can opt for a bigger above-ground pool, but it might raise some structural issues because of the nature of the components.


An inground pool, on the other hand—the more common pool design—has few structural vulnerabilities, with its wall built below the surface. It also comes with state-of-the-art pump systems to help circulate, drain, or refill the pool when needed. Naturally, the inground pool is more expensive due to the work involved. In addition, once the pool has been built, it can’t be dismantled.


Given both options, think carefully before having your pool built. The satisfaction you get will depend on your requirement and preference.


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