Great Swimming Pool Design Extras

When you buy a new car, it’s often the optional extras that make it all the more exciting and fun to drive around. With swimming pool designs, the same thing applies.

When having a swimming pool constructed, consider including the following extras into your swimming pool design:

  • Waterfall. Waterfalls add a touch of tranquility to pool designs. They are often incorporated to mimic wilderness settings, but can also be found on contemporary pool designs as well.

  • Fountain. Fountains add flair to a pool and give it a grander feeling. They can be installed to shoot water into the pool from the sides, or straight up in the air from inside the pool, or any direction you have in mind, for that matter.

  • Infinity edge. Infinity edge pools are built on a sloping. Water is allowed to flow over one edge of the pool into a catch basin. This creates a stunning effect that makes the pool look edgeless. When viewed against the sky, the pool seems to continue on into the heavens, creating the infinity effect.

  • Beach entry. Pools with beach entries have one or more edges that slopes slightly into the water to simulate the effect of a beach. Some beach entry pools may also have a liner that simulates the feel of sand underfoot.

  • Spa. Spas provide a great way to cool off and socialize with your guests all at the same time. These can be built on the same level as the pool itself or above it.


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