How Long Does It Take to Construct a Pool?

Pools are a great way to cool off in the summer, or if you have a heated pool, get warm in the winter. So much fun do they afford that when the decision is made to have an in-ground pool built, the anticipation of its completion can sometimes become too great to handle for some people. So how long does one need to wait for the construction of a pool to be finished? The answer depends on a number of factors:

Type of Pool

The first and most important factor concerns the type of pool being built, of which there are three common types: concrete or gunite, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass pools. Vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools are both prefabricated, which means they arrive at the site ready to install. As a result, these types of pools take a lot shorter to install than concrete or gunite pools, which take anywhere between 12 to 20 weeks to build from the ground up.

Pool Design and Size

Of course, the bigger and more complex the design of your pool, the longer it will take to finish. Additionally, very big and very complex pools can’t be built in prefabricated fiberglass or vinyl, so you’re looking at concrete pool timescales for its construction.

Pool Company

The pool company you choose will also play a significant role. The experience and skill of great builders can contribute to offsetting average build times at the cost of a more expensive, but probably also better built, pool.


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