The Choice: Fiberglass or Concrete Swimming Pool

These days, homeowners who want to have a pool built in their property make a choice between two popular materials: fiberglass or concrete. The decision largely hinges on how a pool is to be used and who uses it.

A homeowner should choose concrete, if:


  • The shape of the pool is not offered in any fiberglass line. Fiberglass pools have a pre-made shape and having a non-standard shape is only possible with concrete.

  • You want a deep pool. Pools deeper than eight feet are only possible with concrete.

  • You are trying to create a natural-looking pool or have a wish to create a beach entry.

  • Children will be using the pool. Concrete can be rough on their feet.

A fiberglass pool would be the best option, if:

  • You are in the market for a low-maintenance pool. Pools normally take a lot of maintenance but the fiberglass coating helps keep it clean.

  • You want a long-lasting pool. The fiberglass allows for increased resistance to wear and tear, and thus reduces visits from the pool repairman.

  • You are looking for something quick to install. Since fiberglass is pre-made, you just have to dig in the ground around the mold’s shape.

These are just a few of the criteria to help with making your choice. There are other choice materials, but these two offer the most efficient and affordable for pool owners.


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