Types of In-Ground Swimming Pools

Looking to have an in-ground swimming pool installed, but not sure which to pick? It helps to know the different types and styles to make an informed choice so that you can get the best bang-for-the-buck possible. Here are the three major types.

Concrete pools. AKA Gunite or Shortcrete pools, concrete pools are built by shooting out concrete from a gun-like mechanism onto steel-reinforced walls. Once the concrete cures, it is smoothened by plastering, painted, and then finished with tiles or some other texturing material. In other words, they’re basically built the same way as a house’s foundation. Concrete pools are renowned because of their design flexibility – the poured method of construction enables it to take any shape and fit into irregular spaces, if needed. Homeowners keen on customization can rest easy with this one.

Vinyl pools. Unlike concrete pools which are constructed on site, vinyl pools are pre-fabricated in factories from a preformed flexible liner that’s attached to a reinforced wall (usually of steel or any non-corrosive material). Most of them are rectangular in shape, and come in dozens of designs. Their pre-fabricated nature makes them much less labor-intensive than concrete pools, and is also often the least-expensive option.

Fiberglass pools. These pools are not entirely different from vinyl pools. They’re pre-fabricated, and then placed into the excavated hole using a crane. As a result, these pools can be installed and fully usable within a matter of days.


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