Important Maintenance Tips for Inground Pools

Having an in-ground pool can be an excellent investment for your family this spring all the way to the humid summer months. In the pool, you can chill out under the blazing sun without having to drive anywhere else. You will need to clean and maintain your pool efficiently to keep the water and the dug-in structure clean and safe for use by every member of your family.


Use a plastic-bristle pool brush to scrub the side of your pool. Make sure that you go through every corner of your pool that might be filthy with debris. Wait for about ten minutes to let the dirt settle to the bottom of the pool, then you should vacuum it.


At least twice a week, you’ll have to vacuum the bottom of your pool, since it might have debris sticking to it already. Make sure that there’s enough suction by testing it on your palm – if your palm gets sucked into the intake hole if you run the vacuum, it should be powerful enough for your purpose.


In the same time interval, you should reapply pool chlorine to the water so it stays sanitized. Don’t just pour it down one area though – instead, you should make sure that it’s diluted enough to cover the entire pool area.


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