Summer Fun in Your Backyard: Tips on Planning Pool Construction in NJ

“With it being the middle of spring now, more and more homeowners in The Garden State are seeing the value of keeping cool throughout the coming months, especially with hotter days looming over the horizon. For many, this means having a quality NJ pool installed. Don’t just go to the nearest pool company for a quote though; there are a few things you should first take into consideration.

You have two main options when it comes to pools: inground or above-ground, and each one will have different sets of advantages and disadvantages depending on how and where you want to place them. Above-ground pools, for instance, are great for homes with little backyard space, whereas inground pools make for a durable, permanent installation that have better customization options.”


Advantages of In-Ground Pools

Pools remain one of the most desired home improvements out there. After all, they are not only functional, they upgrade a home’s look as well. While people have endless choices when it comes to pool size and design, they ultimately have to choose between one of two types: an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool.

As the name suggests, an above-ground pool is constructed on the surface of your yard (think of it as an expanded or oversized bathtub). An in-ground pool, however, is nestled into your lawn and is the type most people are familiar with.

Both types have advantages, but there are many reasons why most people choose an in-ground pool instead. Below are just a few of them:


In-ground pools add more value to your home because they are a permanent improvement. They may be more expensive to install, but in-ground pools are definitely for keeps.


Above-ground pools typically come in round or oval shapes; in-ground pools, however, can be tailor-fitted to your tastes, thus offering you more variety.


As previously mentioned, above-ground pools are free-standing structures so they tend to stick out from your back lawn. In-ground pools, on the other hand, can be integrated seamlessly into your yard.

Designing Pools in NJ: Tips on Lighting up the Nights by your Poolside

“When you’re looking to have efficient pool lighting installed, always get in touch with professionals to do it for you. DIY lighting installation is an irrefutably bad idea, since you’ll be dealing with water and electricity – a deadly combination if you don’t work with skill and care. Make sure that a registered electrician looks into the installation before you even consider turning all the lights on.

Companies like Tranquility Pools, Inc. can help you build the outdoor pool of your dreams, and they can even help you keep it the center of attraction in your backyard all night long. Just remember to choose an efficient pool company in NJ to bring your pool to life.”

Great Swimming Pool Design Extras

When you buy a new car, it’s often the optional extras that make it all the more exciting and fun to drive around. With swimming pool designs, the same thing applies.

When having a swimming pool constructed, consider including the following extras into your swimming pool design:

  • Waterfall. Waterfalls add a touch of tranquility to pool designs. They are often incorporated to mimic wilderness settings, but can also be found on contemporary pool designs as well.

  • Fountain. Fountains add flair to a pool and give it a grander feeling. They can be installed to shoot water into the pool from the sides, or straight up in the air from inside the pool, or any direction you have in mind, for that matter.

  • Infinity edge. Infinity edge pools are built on a sloping. Water is allowed to flow over one edge of the pool into a catch basin. This creates a stunning effect that makes the pool look edgeless. When viewed against the sky, the pool seems to continue on into the heavens, creating the infinity effect.

  • Beach entry. Pools with beach entries have one or more edges that slopes slightly into the water to simulate the effect of a beach. Some beach entry pools may also have a liner that simulates the feel of sand underfoot.

  • Spa. Spas provide a great way to cool off and socialize with your guests all at the same time. These can be built on the same level as the pool itself or above it.

How Long Does It Take to Construct a Pool?

Pools are a great way to cool off in the summer, or if you have a heated pool, get warm in the winter. So much fun do they afford that when the decision is made to have an in-ground pool built, the anticipation of its completion can sometimes become too great to handle for some people. So how long does one need to wait for the construction of a pool to be finished? The answer depends on a number of factors:

Type of Pool

The first and most important factor concerns the type of pool being built, of which there are three common types: concrete or gunite, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass pools. Vinyl-lined and fiberglass pools are both prefabricated, which means they arrive at the site ready to install. As a result, these types of pools take a lot shorter to install than concrete or gunite pools, which take anywhere between 12 to 20 weeks to build from the ground up.

Pool Design and Size

Of course, the bigger and more complex the design of your pool, the longer it will take to finish. Additionally, very big and very complex pools can’t be built in prefabricated fiberglass or vinyl, so you’re looking at concrete pool timescales for its construction.

Pool Company

The pool company you choose will also play a significant role. The experience and skill of great builders can contribute to offsetting average build times at the cost of a more expensive, but probably also better built, pool.

Top 3 Reminders When Choosing a Pool Company

Did you recently purchase a new home or perhaps is in the process of building one from the ground, up? As summer approaches, it doesn’t come as a surprise if you included a swimming pool in your home building project. Putting one right in your backyard involves careful planning and other important factors, one of which is choosing the right pool company that is capable of completing the pool project to perfection. Here are three valuable reminders that will help you pick the right one.

  1. Gather and Trim Down – Given that you already have a budget for your pool project, you should start by choosing three reputable companies and comparing them based on what they have to offer in relation to your budget. It is important not to settle for the first company that you chance upon. The more options you have, the better chances you’ll have of making an informed choice.

  1. Reputation and Track Record – Another aspect to consider is the track record of the pool companies. How long have they been in the business? How many projects have they completed? Were their previous clients happy? Did they receive awards and recognitions for their projects?

  1. Materials and Technology – Lastly, do some research regarding the materials and building technology the pool company uses. No matter how skillful the builders are, if they are lagging behind the materials and process department, you won’t be able to enjoy the best value for your money.