Pool Types Determined by Size, Shape and Depth

Many families find swimming pools as the ideal recreational area for a home. Outdoor pools provide a good exercise for house owners, while children can enjoy wading in its shallow areas. Options for designing a swimming pool for a house not only entails the shape and size of the pool but also its depth and patio. Determining these usual elements in building a pool is commonly determined by its overall use.

Size and Depth Determine Pool Types

Recreational pools are used for a relaxing private swim or as means to bond with family or friends. This is why recreational pools are usually wide in area with a much shallower depth, possible four to five feet maximum with a slope at its bottom, perfect for kids and adults to have fun activities.

Some pools are also built for private training, either as a way to lose weight or for competitive purposes. These pools usually have a narrower area, longer in length and a bit shorter in width. The depth of the pool is much significantly deeper, usually 5 feet throughout. This is to make sure the swimmer can swim laps while minimizing injuries when practicing techniques.

Shapes of the Pool

Swimming pools can increase the ambiance of one’s home, its shape usually complimenting the house’s landscape. Geometric shapes like rectangles and ovals are the ideal shapes for a pool. In some cases, an L-shaped pool is also a good option, especially when combining leisure and exercise.


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