Calculating Land Area for a Pool

What is the ideal land area to build a swimming pool? Perhaps the better question is, “How much land do you have?”

It’s difficult to find the exact specs for the size of a code-compliant swimming pool. Think about it: specifying a large swimming pool as the standard may rob some cash-strapped homeowners of the chance to own a pool. In addition, it will also be a disadvantage for homeowners with small yards.

Pools can be of any size and shape, only limited by two things: your imagination and your local zoning codes. While zoning codes may vary by township or county, most codes are based on the International Residential Code. As an example, Toms River Township in New Jersey specifies distances of pools from property lines.

You can have a pool of any size and shape as long as it’s located in the backyard and at least eight feet away from the house. Any pool equipment must be located ten feet from the property line. Fences and rails, a common requirement among local pool codes, must be at least six feet from the water.

Be sure to ask your trusted pool contractor for code concerns, namely one that serves the entire state. This professional has extensive knowledge of existing pool codes of various townships and counties.


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