Pool Types Determined by Size, Shape and Depth

Many families find swimming pools as the ideal recreational area for a home. Outdoor pools provide a good exercise for house owners, while children can enjoy wading in its shallow areas. Options for designing a swimming pool for a house not only entails the shape and size of the pool but also its depth and patio. Determining these usual elements in building a pool is commonly determined by its overall use.

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Calculating Land Area for a Pool

What is the ideal land area to build a swimming pool? Perhaps the better question is, “How much land do you have?”

It’s difficult to find the exact specs for the size of a code-compliant swimming pool. Think about it: specifying a large swimming pool as the standard may rob some cash-strapped homeowners of the chance to own a pool. In addition, it will also be a disadvantage for homeowners with small yards. Continue reading

Coping with the Difficulty in Picking a Coping

A swimming pool won’t be too exciting to jump into without a nice-looking coping. A coping is the cap placed around the edge of the swimming pool where you can take a dive or sit while soaking your feet in the water. To an expert builder, this essential part of the pool has to be given proper attention during design and construction. Continue reading